Forehead Lift

Effects of aging are inevitable so eyebrow and forehead area is where we can see the first effects. The skin loses its elasticity. Bad effect of the sun, wind and gravity causes formation of eyebrow and forehead lines. This effects may cause you to look older than you actually are even in your thirties or to have an tired, angry or sad look, although you do not actually feel that way. As a result, many people choose to have a forehead lift due to these reasons. Differences on the aging process of men and women by innovations on the medical technology allow this procedure to be applied with different methods.

What Are Eyebrow and Forehead Lift Operation Methods?

The main difference of forehead lift operations is the area of the incision.

In classical methods, incisions are made a minimal cm back from the hairline to lift the forehead and eyebrow, and scars are in the scalp, so they are not visible.

The other method is endoscopic surgery. Minimal incisions are made by strands and a microscope is used to assist the surgery. Can be applied to the right patient, this method leaves far less scars compared to the classical method, and the post-surgery recovery process is faster. Incision sites are determined by the physician during the examination, and the method to be applied is determined by negotiating with the patient.

All these methods lift the eyebrow and forehead, remove fine lines and create the facial proportion.

This application may generally take 1-1.5 hours. Generally, sedation or general anesthesia is used.

Why is Forehead Lift Applied?

Forehead lift is applied for the purpose of removing the lines between the eyebrow and hair. Sagging’s on the forehead give a tired and old look to people. During this operation, goose feet are treated as well, and the person is given a younger and energetic look.

Does the Forehead Lift Operation Leave Scar?

Forehead lift operation scars are hidden to the scalp. In the classical method, scars can be in 5-6 back of the hairline.  These scars are not visible from outside. In the endoscopic forehead lift operation, on the other hand, very tiny, almost invisible incisions are made in the scalp. These scars are not visible after the operation.

What is Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery is made to create more curved eyebrows for women and men.  On the other hand, it is aimed at giving more even, masculine eyebrows to men. People genetically has different eyebrow shapes. In the eyebrow lift operation, it is aimed at getting the most natural and youngest looking eyebrows, fit for the patient’s face.

Eyebrow lift operation is made from within the scalp, as the forehead lift. Eyebrows are slightly moved up and the operation is completed by aesthetic sutures. Scars will be almost invisible, as they are underneath the scalp.

How much does Eyebrow and Forehead Lift Procedure Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our eyebrow and forehead lift procedure prices.


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